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About Us

EduGrowth is led by a team of like-minded people, committed to the achievement and progression of individuals and with extensive experience in education, skills training and business.

We are a leading learning design and development company, providing high-quality learning programmes and solutions for employers and educational institutions including schools, colleges, training providers and universities.

We provide a range of ‘off the shelf’ learning programmes that our partners can deliver to students straight away and can be embedded in existing programmes or can stand alone. In addition, we develop bespoke courses catering to the needs of individual clients and their specific learners and provide consultancy services related to delivery, assessment and quality assurance.

There are a core set of principles at the heart of everything we do.


  • develops programmes of learning that are adaptable meeting the needs of learners and providers,
  • offers up to date learning resources that are developed by industry, academic and skills experts,
  • delivers programmes which — in addition to skills and knowledge acquisition – have activities and assessments that are practical, allowing learners to create and construct tailored learning to meet individual need and leading to nationally recognised certification,
  • designs and develops cost effective, tailor-made learning and training programmes with assessment packages specific to market and individual requirements,
  • creates learning programmes which are purposeful, with clear aims behind everything learners undertake,
  • demonstrates a culture of continuous improvement, both in our products and the company as a whole,
  • upholds the highest levels of professionalism and outstanding customer service, always putting the client needs first,
  • utilises innovative technology to engage and enhance the learning experience,
  • ensures efficient delivery of the programmes in collaboration with our partners.


Our mission is to empower and inspire our partners and learners to develop, through and via high-quality learning experiences.


Our vision is to be the leading global learning solutions provider, supporting our partners in achieving their goals of enabling their learners to acquire the skills which will transform their lives.