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Become a Delivery Partner

Join our network of Delivery Partners committed to providing high quality learning for participants, meeting the needs of your local community and beyond.

Our Delivery Partners will receive the highest quality products and service so you can start working with learners immediately.

Why offer EduGrowth Programmes?
  1. The ability to tailor the programme/s to the needs of your learners with pick and mix modules and materials including text, video and audio, designed to be contextualised for individual participants
  2. Flexibility of delivery through online, blended and face to face learning
  3. Access to high quality teaching and learning materials, designed by learning and skills specialists and successful industry experts
  4. Embed the content into existing programmes to meet learner needs and improve retention, achievement and progression rates
  5. A UK regulated qualification/s
  6. Support and guidance from the EduGrowth team
  7. Practical assessments leading to real world outputs

EduGrowth aims to make the process to become a Delivery Partner as quick and straightforward as possible whilst upholding high quality standards. The process can take as little as two weeks from payment being received to approval being granted. The steps below indicate the approval procedure.

  1. When an organisation expresses an interest in becoming an EduGrowth Delivery Partner it will be required to complete a Delivery Partner Application Form which will provide basic information on the institution.
  2. The Delivery Partner will then be asked to provide a number of policies, procedures and other documentation that are required to enable EduGrowth to judge the quality of provision.
  3. Upon receiving the form and supporting documentation an assessor at EduGrowth will conduct a check to see whether the following are in place.
    1. A working and clear website
    2. Suitably qualified and experienced staff
    3. The legal entity of the organisation, for example is it a registered company/charity/other type of organisation
    4. Inspectorate or awarding organisation reports to show the Delivery Partner is working to the right standards
    5. Robust policies and procedures as required by the awarding organisation and EduGrowth.
  4. Once this check has been completed EduGrowth will submit the Delivery Partner for the appropriate awarding organisation’s approval process. EduGrowth will provide guidance to the Delivery Partners on any actions required by the awarding organisation, as a result of the approval process.
  5. Once approval is granted the Delivery Partner will be provided access to the EduGrowth Virtual Learning Environment and be provided training, as necessary.

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