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Interview with Janice Caplan

“It is so important to have a leader who is trying to bring out the best in you. It makes a difference to the individuals, but it makes a difference to the business as well. I’ve always been quite amazed at the difference in the success of a business where the leadership has got that people focus.That’s what led me to be interested in the power of coaching and mentoring.” Former CIPD Vice President Janice Caplan talks to us about how important coaching is a business and its employees to flourish.

Previously working as Governor and Chair of HR Committee at University of Portsmouth and with senior line management experience at Midland Montagu Investment Bank as Associate Director, HR, Janice has a wealth of experience working with people at all levels within an organisation. Janice now works for New World Talent at The Scala Group, with whom we have collaborated to produce our Level 6 Coaching and Mentoring programme: