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New sights, new stories, new business idea

You’ve always known that somewhere inside you lies the power to take a firm grip on the reins of your own life and finances. You know that given the opportunities you’re willing to put in the hours and hard work necessary to create a business yet for you as for so many others it’s that first hurdle that is hardest to overcome, the idea.


Studying the biographies of many of the most successful entrepreneurs shows that one thing the majority of them have in common is a love of traveling. At the moment, with the pandemic dominating our lives travel doesn’t appear to be an option and for flights and long journeys this is certainly true and will be for the foreseeable future. Yet the world hasn’t closed, take this opportunity to explore your local environment. Ideas come to us when we experience novelty. Talk to strangers, everyone has a tale about how they’ve been affected by the virus. New sights, new sounds and new stories. That’s where inspiration comes from.

Take it seriously

Give yourself the space and the time to let your mind do its work. Those ideas are there but they’re trying to make themselves heard above the clamour of bills, work deadlines, children’s homework etc. If this is going to work you need to dedicate a time solely to your new business. Write everything down, you’ll soon see what’s important and what is unnecessary baggage.

Practice makes perfect

So you’ve explored your neighbourhood, you’ve got a list of things that interest you it’s time to try some of them out in a small way. You’ll learn what it takes to get a project off the ground and what pitfalls to avoid so when you’re ready for the big one you’ll have first-hand experience saving you time and money.

Enjoy yourself

I’ve said take it seriously but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing. Shake up your routines, your brain has a lot of potential. Try listening to a new genre of music or reading old classics. Learning a language, painting, doing crosswords all create connections in your brain opening new spaces just waiting to be filled with fresh, exciting ideas.

No man is an island

A business is held to be a success if it improves people’s lives. Who knew that we would want to contact someone we hadn’t seen for years at the click of a button or find knowledge without ploughing through encyclopaedias? We won’t all reach the heights of Facebook or Google but someone invented the widget and the paperclip. Talk to people, find out what they want then improve it. Think big think best. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.(Lao Tzu) but it’d be a lot quicker if you invented seven league boots.