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Partner Story – Frisby College

In this interview, Martin Frisby, Principal at Frisby College shares his view on partnership with EduGrowth and how the future of higher and further education is changing.

What is Frisby College?

Frisby College has over 25 years’ experience in designing and delivering training courses and assessments worldwide. Based in Great Yarmouth, UK, the College operates as an English language and Further Education provider for international students living in the Norfolk region.
Frisby College also delivers training to learners abroad who are enrolled with an educational partner in Spain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ukraine and Thailand. The College offers a wide range of diploma courses in teaching accredited by CPD. The EduGrowth Entrepreneurship programmes are the latest courses now being offered to learners in these countries.

What is the mission of Frisby College?

Our mission is to deliver excellent training and to provide every learner with a professional high-quality academic service. Our courses are designed to the highest standards and our trainers achieve excellent feedback throughout.
It is our aim to enable our learners to reach higher levels of success in their personal and professional development, gaining valuable skills to further their careers with recognised qualifications that are of value to prospective employers, and maximise their assets.
Frisby College has a reputation for offering excellent support to its learners throughout their learning path. Staff place great emphasis on advising learners on their most suitable options to ensure best value to learners with regards to time, money, and job prospects.

Tell us more about the courses you currently offer at Frisby College

Our courses have specific learners’ needs in mind, including learners with special needs and disabilities. A proportion of each teacher training course includes indicators for recognising and dealing with special needs, those needs and disabilities that are observable through learners’ behaviour patterns. These are often overlooked in learning institutes abroad and learners with conditions such as ADHD, ASD, anxiety disorders, etc. are often not provided with equal learning opportunities due to the unseen nature of their disabilities. Based on personal experience as well as a variety of professional training courses, it is a particular aim of the Directors to raise awareness for these disabilities and to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to successfully integrate special learners into their classes.

What type of learners do you deliver to?

We provide training to people from all walks of life, all of whom have their own study needs and expectations. This is why a main goal for developing new courses at Frisby College is to make them as flexible as possible for learners. Each course has study tasks designed to be completed by the learner at their own pace.
We have a growing demand for professional development qualifications in the middle east. Our accredited teaching diplomas have been extremely successful in helping educators certify in specialized areas of teaching, particularly for those working in private education.

Why did you decide to offer EduGrowth programmes?

EduGrowth courses offer our learners a great opportunity to hone and develop skills in entrepreneurism, a popular area of study with people ready to start their own enterprise. With the choice of optional units available, learners can complete this level 3 qualification whilst learning critical skills for their own project needs.
The flexibility to deliver these courses through self-paced learning also allows our coaches to continue using their own preferred teaching methods and styles with learners. Courses are delivered to small groups of participants who join in weekly online seminars and have the option of booking additional one-to-one sessions if needed. We also plan on introducing EduGrowth’s coaching and mentoring programmes in due course.

Where do you see the future of transnational education?

There is a growing number of recognised awarding bodies, each of which play an important role in continuing to diversify the training available to people in the UK and abroad. For transnational education, qualifications available through awarding bodies such as ATHE and programme providers such as EduGrowth open doors for more co-institutional partnerships abroad, although for some education markets where British FE/HE is less understood, working around more traditional systems continues to be a challenge. In summary, working with the right people and the right organisations in the right places is key for growing transnationally. We look forward to supporting the growth of transnational education in partnership with EduGrowth.