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Importance of an online presence

Have you ever wondered what having a business was like before the World Wide Web and how you would conduct business without the internet? When it comes to having an online presence, everyone knows how important it is to have one but imagine this scenario – see yourself back in the year 1840, the Victorian era, you have now just launched your product/service and there is no social media to announce your big news, do you think you would be able to make eye catching posters and trade cards?

When creating these advertisements, you had to make sure you included all the features and benefits and made sure that you were clear about what you are selling because there was no easy way for potential customers to do further research on your offer. Makes you grateful for the creators of the internet, doesn’t it! Back then many places did have local networking organisations which could help drum up customers for their businesses, some would also call this “word of mouth”, which is a brilliant way to get your business out there so people were aware and knew where to find you and buy your products or services. However, these networks are tiny in comparison to the network of billions we have access to today, simply through the stroke of a key!

Fast forward to 2021, we now luckily have social media and easier ways to improve your brand awareness. Having a strong online presence is imperative because there’s no easier way grow your audience and have customers reach you quicker.

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