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February Newsletter

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Creating Programmes of Learning

Excellent programme design means always thinking about the learner experience and what you want learners to be able to do by the end of course.

In this quick read, we share our thoughts to what the components of excellent course design are, both within our ‘off the shelf’ programmes which institutions can use and also the bespoke work we do for clients.

Interview with our Chairman, Dick Palmer:

“Come and work with EduGrowth because we believe in the power of vocational education and skills to transform opportunities for people to grow and develop (personally and professionally), and we can help you do that – either for your workforce or with your learning community. – Dick Palmer”.

In this Interview our Chairman, Dick Palmer talks about EduGrowth and what we have to offer.

Establishing Teacher Mentoring in your school:

We believe that teacher mentoring is an essential element at all stages of teacher professional development. Recent studies have shown a direct correlation between implementing teacher mentoring programmes and raising learning outcomes in schools.

Read this article to know how to implement and manage the teacher mentoring in your school.

Bespoke Programmes:

Our programme development service can help your organisation to engage and develop learners by offering high quality learning experiences in a face to face, blended or online environment. We aim to provide learning resources, tailored to the particular needs of your students/learners, which both engage and inspire them to succeed.

We can

  • utilise our team’s expert knowledge, both in a wide range of subjects and in learning and assessment activities
  • develop new content, adapt our existing materials or build on your existing materials, providing a flexibility of choice
  • utilise a wide range of media including high quality videos, text, audio, quizzes help you capture data during programme delivery in order to improve efficacy and efficiency
  • work with a number of different virtual learning environments or host the programme on our own Virtual Learning Environment and embed it into your website

We realise that each organisation is different and that the availability of resources, subject matter knowledge and expertise can vary from institution to institution. That’s why our services are flexible to organisational requirements whilst also upholding high quality standards. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who’ve held senior roles in schools, colleges, awarding organisations, universities and agencies such as Ofsted and the Quality Assurance Agency.

Consultancy services we offer include

  • Assessment design
  • Policy development and/or review
  • Course and content development
  • Quality assurance framework development
  • Qualification development
  • Personal development for educators
  • Market research
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