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22 January

Five signs it’s time to be your own boss.

This pandemic has given people a lot of time to think. Usually, everyone is racing around too busy doing their life rather than living it. But this pandemic has forced many of us to slow down. The surprising upside of this is, most people are finding out that they prefer a slower pace, and they […]

06 January

New sights, new stories, new business idea

You’ve always known that somewhere inside you lies the power to take a firm grip on the reins of your own life and finances. You know that given the opportunities you’re willing to put in the hours and hard work necessary to create a business yet for you as for so many others it’s that […]

27 November

Pivoting Careers

In the changed world economies post pandemic it is highly likely that the career options for most people will change quite substantially. It is likely that the gig economy will grow; it is likely that the portfolio career will become more entrenched as a normal way of working for many; it is likely that people […]

17 September

Interview with Janice Caplan

“It is so important to have a leader who is trying to bring out the best in you. It makes a difference to the individuals, but it makes a difference to the business as well. I’ve always been quite amazed at the difference in the success of a business where the leadership has got that […]

24 August

Storytelling in Advertising

Storytelling in Advertising

People have been sharing stories for thousands of years, whether their own rendition of Homer’s Iliad around a campfire or the latest John Lewis advert on Facebook. And the success of both Homer and John Lewis has been dependant on these ‘sharers’, the people that want to express the story in, or alongside, their own […]

20 July

Dick Palmer

Start-Up, Start-Up, and Start-Up.

We all know Blair’s Education, Education, Education mantra and our current Prime Minister has just launched his infrastructure initiative with Build, Build, Build – but when are we going to make a real difference to our post-pandemic economy and get going with Start-Up, Start-Up, Start-Up????

26 June

The Sharing and Gig economies

There has been a recent rise of organisations that provide a peer to peer platform where individuals can share their assets or provide services to each other. Examples include Airbnb and Just Park, both part of the sharing economy and Deliveroo and Freelancer, both facilitators of the gig economy. The sharing

15 June

Become an EduGrowth Delivery Partner

Having recently launched our new programme of learning for individuals wishing to setup and manage successful businesses EduGrowth is now looking for organisations to become delivery partners. We believe our programme has many strong features and we have highlighted a few of these

06 May

EduGrowth : Build your Business with us

We are delighted to announce the launch of our company: EduGrowth. EduGrowth has launched an online programme of learning, allowing participants to learn what they need at their own convenience – wherever they want, whenever they want. At EduGrowth we embrace technology and empower budding entrepreneurs with relevant, qualitative and self-paced content. The acceleration of […]