Business Summer School

Our Business Summer School is a short and intensive start-up course for students focusing on creating a business which will incorporate developing a range of skills within a business context. This programme is aimed at engaging young people whilst developing their personal and practical skills.

Our experience is in delivering education services both in the United Kingdom, and throughout the world, via encouraging innovation and independent practise to enable students to develop their professional and personal pathways into work and beyond.

Through undertaking this programme your students will develop a range of business and interpersonal skills including teamwork, planning, market research, setting and achieving goals as well as gaining valuable insight into the business world.

Benefits to your students
  • Engaging material leading to enhanced knowledge and understanding of the business world.
  • Specific project management skills transferable to a variety of facets of learning and development or business.
  • Advice and guidance from experienced practitioners and tutors.
  • Focused learning based on authentic projects encompassing aspects of which are part of the school curriculum.
  • Achieving a recognised qualification on the Ofqual Register including 8 UCAS points.
  • Development of skills including team building, communication, and presenting skills.
Benefits for Schools and Colleges
  • The opportunity to embed the EduGrowth programme into a wider range of activities as a tool to enhance students’ learning.
  • A wide choice of modules all with high quality interactive learning that can be used within this specific programme or within their current curriculum.
  • Use of the EduGrowth team as guest lecturers and experts.
  • Engaging students in proactive learning leading to student ownership of their projects.
  • Student progression in terms of independent learning.
Who should take this programme?

The programme is ideally aimed at students in years 10, 11 and 12 although some flexibility can be allowed to cater for different year groups.

Students’ participating in this Business Summer School programme will benefit either as part of their current educational studies or preparation for the next stage in career progression, whether this is to further/higher education, employment or developing their own business idea.

Resources and Learning Material

EduGrowth will provide a wide range of modules and associated learning materials related to setting up a business and to support the development of knowledge and skills. Resources will include exemplar start-up company “concept packs” containing separate business ideas which student teams can utilise to simulate their own bespoke new business concept.

Delivery Options

There are a number of different delivery options with the programme and these include:

  1. Fully online delivered by EduGrowth and supported by their expert team of educational advisors and business coaches.
  2. A combination of face-to-face facilitation from your school staff plus utilisation of EduGrowth’s online resources.
  3. Face to face delivery by EduGrowth. EduGrowth can work with you to develop a delivery option which meets the needs of your institution and your students.

To learn more please contact us via or 01603 821072.