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Coaching with EduGrowth Programmes

As part of the EduGrowth programmes we provide online coaching to our participants. We believe this is an integral part of the programmes we offer, as it leads to greater understanding, embeds learning and supports improved application and actual business practice. Our belief is that providing expert coaching to participants can further increase the likelihood of programme and business success.
The role of our coaches is to provide expert guidance and deal with problems in a goal and solution focused manner. This means they will:

• provide you with constructive feedback on work produced,
• address matters raised about your business development, providing advice and guidance
• question and support you, facilitating your personal and business development

This means that the role of the coach is to listen to you, question your thinking, provide feedback and support you in gaining understanding, improving your skills and confidence. This will enable you to apply your understanding and use the skills developed to increase personal and business success.

We believe that
• The coach and the participant are of equal value in the process,
• Coaching should be focused on solving problems and not towards the search for causes of problems,
• Cooperation between coach and participant is fundamental,
• Coaching methods should be aimed at supporting the participant’s development and guiding them to the right answers.
• Appreciation of the participant’s current skills and knowledge as well as strengthening areas for development are important elements of our coaching.
• Complete confidentiality is an integral part of the relationship.

Our coaches have all gone through a rigorous recruitment process and have either set up their own business or worked in different types of business at senior levels. They have been there and achieved success.

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