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Coaching and Mentoring for Business Professionals

Programme Description

This programme contains a range of modules which aim to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in coaching and mentoring, so these techniques can be used effectively in and across organisations supporting businesses and business owners. This programme will help develop key skills to establish the connection between coaching, mentoring and the achievement of personal and organisational goals.
This programme will provide opportunities for application of the learning leading to improved performance in the role of coach and mentor and the work with individuals in a business context.

For this programme EduGrowth provides online support and guidance from our expert coaches . Read more about the coaching here.

Key Features

  • A comprehensive range of different text and video resources
  • Practical activities to test your understanding
  • Support of an expert coach
  • Who should take this programme

    Our coaching and mentoring programme is designed for individuals wishing to develop knowledge, understanding and skills as a coach or mentor. It is a high-level qualification and you will be able to use coaching and mentoring internally within your organisation in order to improve business performance. Alternatively, you could work independently as a coach or mentor.
    For this programme participants should normally have a level 5 or 6 qualification or have some experience of actually coaching or mentoring.


    This programme leads to a Level 6 qualification in Coaching and Mentoring provided by a national regulated awarding organisation, ATHE.

    Duration of the Programme

    Each credit equals 10 hours of learning for the average participant, so this programme takes approximately 350 hours to complete.


    Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring – £1100

    If you have any queries regarding the programme, module choices, on-boarding process or related topics, please send your enquiry through our contact us page.

    If you would like to discuss paying in instalments please contact us to discuss the options available.

    Our fees are substantially reduced if you represent a delivery partner. Please contact us so we can provide the fee structure and put together a bespoke package for you.

    or to find out more contact us using the details above.

    List of Modules

    • Principles And Practices Of Coaching And Mentoring
    • Personal Development For Coaches And Mentors
    • Coaching For Business Improvement
    • Mentoring Business Professionals

    Developed in Partnership with

    Click on the video to see to Janice Caplan from New World Talent talk about coaching, mentoring and this programme.


    • Coaching and Mentoring for Entrepreneurs
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