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Coaching and Mentoring for Business Professionals

Coaching & Mentoring

Programme Description

This practical, interactive programme will equip the participant to be an effective coach or mentor to organisations and their people.

By taking this qualification, the participant will learn, practise and apply essential coaching and mentoring skills and techniques. They will also access tools, resources, tips, and frameworks to help develop coaching and mentoring practice. To strengthen confidence, the participant will gain a background understanding of the theory that underpins successful coaching and mentoring.

As the participant works through this programme, they will receive support and guidance from EduGrowth’s expert coaches.

Key Features

This programme

  • is principally authored by an acknowledged leader in talent development, as well as a highly regarded author and expert in coaching and mentoring
  • contains a rich mix of content media including text and video which provide a highly interactive engagement experience
  • contains real-life case studies and scenarios which translate concepts into everyday working situations
  • contains skills-based activities and assessments which build coaching and mentoring practice
  • provides access to an expert coach
  • leads to a recognised certification at level 6 (undergraduate level)

  • Developed in Partnership with

    Click on the video to see to Janice Caplan from New World Talent talk about coaching, mentoring and this programme.

    Who should take this programme?

    This programme is suitable for these audiences:

  • Those who would like to be an external coach and/or mentor
  • Those who would like to be a coach and/or mentor internally in their organisation
  • Those who recognise the value of a coaching style of leadership or management to develop high performing teams
  • HR professionals who wish to introduce coaching and mentoring in their organisation
  • The programme is suitable at all levels right up to board level, and is useful for those who wish to develop a coaching and mentoring strategy as part of a wider programme of training and development.


    This programme leads to a Level 6 qualification in Coaching and Mentoring provided by a national regulated awarding organisation, ATHE.

    Duration of the Programme

    Each credit equals 10 hours of learning for the average participant, so this programme takes approximately 430 hours to complete.

    How much does it cost?

    Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring – £1100

    If you have any queries regarding the programme, module choices, on-boarding process or related topics, please send your enquiry through our contact us page.

    If you would like to discuss paying in instalments please contact us to discuss the options available.

    Our fees are substantially reduced if you represent a delivery partner. Please contact us so we can provide the fee structure and put together a bespoke package for you.

    or to find out more contact us using the details above.

    Description of Modules

    • Principles And Practices Of Coaching And Mentoring
    • This module will build background understanding, offering insights into the features and benefits of coaching and mentoring, the differences between the two, and how they are managed and organised in the organisation.

    • Personal Development For Coaches And Mentors
    • As the participant works through the module, they will practise and master the main skills needed to be an effective coach or mentor. At the end, the participant will set plans for continuous professional development, as well as plans to keep their performance as a coach or mentor under review.

    • Coaching For Business Improvement
    • In this module, participants develop their coaching practice. They will analyse the benefits of coaching and the role of the business coach. They will know how to determine when coaching will be of value and the resources needed. Participants will also analyse the factors that may negatively impact the success of business coaching and how to overcome these.

    • Mentoring Business Professionals
    • Here the aims are to help people develop their mentoring practice, analysing the role of those engaged in mentoring people in business. This will include support for the establishment and/or growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

    • Managing Coaching or Mentoring in Organisations
    • The aims of this module are to enable delegates to assess the need for a coaching or mentoring programme in an organisation or part of an organisation and then plan how to implement it and assess its effectiveness. Learners also develop understanding of how to embed coaching or mentoring into organisational culture.

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