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Enterprise Generator – Bootcamp

At EduGrowth we believe in the power of individuals to effect economic and social change. Our mission is to support these business owners in achieving their vision. We think that short, focussed programmes can be a real kick-starter for people with a business idea.

Moreover, an intensive programme over a short period – from one to six weeks in duration – which combines understanding business creation concepts and principles with practical based activities can provide a high quality, fast track programme to help individuals progress their business idea.

By providing an environment wherein participants work in small groups with likeminded peers and are provided with expert tuition and business coaching provides an excellent environment to develop a start-up business. In all cases, participants who successfully complete the programme will leave with a range of functional tools – such as a business plan or a marketing strategy – which are individually tailored to the development requirements of their business idea.

Benefits for the Learners
  • Learning new business knowledge
  • Developing personal and professional skills
  • Creating and testing a business idea
  • Networking with peers and exchanging ideas
  • Successful completion includes a range of next steps tools (such as a tailored business plan)
  • Experiencing a new location and culture
  • Advice and guidance from practitioners and tutors
  • Achieving a recognised qualification
Benefits for the Delivery Partner
  • Increased revenue
  • The opportunity to upsell to other, longer programmes
  • Support with marketing (optional)
  • Readymade modules with high quality learning materials
  • Support with the design of the programme
  • Use of EduGrowth team as guest lecturers/experts, either remote or face to face, where required

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