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Leading Hybrid Teams

As we look forward to release from lockdown, it is predicted that we will retain much of what we have learned about working from home to create hybrid teams and workplaces where people sometimes work remotely and sometimes go into the office. This will represent a bigger upheaval for leaders and managers than might, at first, be imagined. Different people have experienced the past year in so many different ways and will face this next transition with certain trepidation. Moreover, people’s expectations and needs have changed, fundamentally altering the psychological contract they have with the organisation. Managing the next transition to hybrid working requires new leadership styles that emphasise compassion and empathy.

This course is authored by leaders and specialists in talent and performance management and in working at a distance. It contains:

  • a rich mix of content media including text and video, providing a highly interactive engagement experience
  • real-life case studies and scenarios
  • skills-based activities for immediate application at work
  • asynchronous content that can be blended with group work and discussion
  • Why do you need this programme?

    So much has changed over the past year, there is no roadmap for going forward. We are moving into uncharted territory.
    Consider these two scenarios:

      1. An Israeli tech company has engaged someone in Portugal to manage a project in Germany.
      2. A woman in Korea has volunteered for a UK charity so that she ‘can get an idea of what it is like to work in a Western European set up.’

    These are just two examples of the possibilities opening up for how we run businesses and for how individuals run their careers, in a world where communication is ubiquitous and people can work from anywhere.
    To draft this roadmap, we need to rethink performance management, talent and career management, communication and more.
    What sort of a workplace do we want to create?
    We already had diminishing line of sight over our employees’ efforts, do we really want surveillance technology to take this over, or are there alternatives? What are the next steps as we transition towards more freedoms?
    How do we cope with differing expectations and needs?
    How do we put health and wellbeing on the agenda, along with diversity and inclusion and care for the environment? As we cast our recruitment net wide and give people greater choice over where, when and how they work, how can we organise our virtual meetings so they are productive? How do we handle virtual day-to-day communication and collaboration as we enter this new phase?
    In this course, we give you tips to get you started. We will keep updating the content as we start creating the new roadmap.


    Participants successfully completing the programme will receive a certification of completion from EduGrowth.

    How much does it cost?

    Leading Hybrid Teams – £195

    If you have any queries regarding the programme, module choices, on-boarding process or related topics, please send your enquiry through our contact us page.

    Our fees are substantially reduced if you represent a delivery partner. Please contact us so we can provide the fee structure and put together a bespoke package for you.

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    Description of Modules

      Module 1

      In Module 1, we consider the key aspects of leadership that will help to:

    • engage hybrid teams with business success
    • create team spirit
    • meet changing expectations
    • build and maintain relationships
    • onboard new workers. and effectively assess and reward so as to increase profitability
    • look after personal health and wellbeing to then look after others
    • move away from presenteeism to new ways of assessing and rewarding that create high performance, allowing individual freedom and control

    Module 2

    In Module 2, we dive deeper into making hybrid working effective by exploring communication strategies of hybrid working and how to structure your day. In this module we examine:

    • What we mean by Smart Working
    • Getting the most from virtual meetings
    • Communication between meetings
    • A look into the future of virtual working

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