Flexible learning options – Coaching and Mentoring Programme

Our Coaching and Mentoring for Business Professionals is a flexibly designed course that can be delivered by educational institutions to their students in a range of formats.

Programme Overview:

Support your learners gain coaching and mentoring skills through practice, reflective feedback and study. By undertaking this course, your learners will:

  • become skilled in executive coaching and mentoring skills and techniques.
  • access a unique set of tools, resources, tips and frameworks to help them create best practice.
  • further develop their confidence and gain understanding in how successful and effective executive business coaching works in the contemporary workplace.
  • develop their own self-awareness, set development plans and work through these with peer and tutor support.
Modes of Programme Delivery

This is the standard option for delegates who wish to self-manage their own learning and in their own time. With this option, the delivery partner supports the student with one-to-one coaching.

Supplement the standard course (online self-study with coaching support) with regular webinars to bring students together for discussions, or perhaps to match people together in pairs and give them opportunities to coach one another.

Delivery partners can run sessions with guest speakers who can give alternative viewpoints or discuss their own practical experiences. We are able to provide guest speakers, if required. They can also create learning cohorts where delegates learn together and support one another.

This option is rather different from the preceding two: the aim is to offer intensive, practical classroom training to help delegates build their coaching and mentoring skills.

This option can be taken without the online learning and assessment parts of the course. It would be for people who wish to quickly develop or hone their skills, and who do not aspire to become business coaches or mentors. This bootcamp would cover many of the skills in Module 2: Personal Development for Coaches and Mentors, so any delegate wishing to pursue the full Diploma programme afterwards would find they have completed a significant part of this module. They would just need to complete the formal assessment for the module, along with a few extra sessions.

This course lends itself to many different modes of delivery, both in terms of weeks, adding your resources, choice of tutors, mix of online and in person. The above examples are just some of the possibilities.

For more details on the programme, contact us.

Become a Delivery Partner

If you are interested in offering this programme to your learners and wish to become an EduGrowth Delivery Partner, call us on 01603821072 or email info@edugrowth.co.uk

For more information visit our Become a Delivery Partner page.