20 August

Mentoring for teachers

Establishing Teacher Mentoring in your school(s)

We believe that teacher mentoring is an essential element at all stages of teacher professional development. Recent studies have shown a direct correlation between implementing teacher mentoring programmes and raising learning outcomes in schools. Now more than ever, in an uncertain educational landscape, where teachers are often working in isolation, having supportive mentors can make […]

29 July

Online presence

Importance of an online presence

Have you ever wondered what having a business was like before the World Wide Web and how you would conduct business without the internet? When it comes to having an online presence, everyone knows how important it is to have one but imagine this scenario – see yourself back in the year 1840, the Victorian […]

17 May

Partner Story – Frisby College

In this interview, Martin Frisby, Principal at Frisby College shares his view on partnership with EduGrowth and how the future of higher and further education is changing. What is Frisby College? Frisby College has over 25 years’ experience in designing and delivering training courses and assessments worldwide. Based in Great Yarmouth, UK, the College operates […]

04 May

Partner Story – International Foundation Group

In this interview, Michael Addison, Academic Director at International Foundation Group shares his view on partnership with EduGrowth and how the future of higher and further education is changing. 1. What is the International Foundation Group? IFG delivers courses to help students progress to universities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our main campus is in […]

16 April

Entrepreneurs are the change the economy needs.

Entrepreneurship is important to economic development. Entrepreneurs can positively impact the economy by creating job opportunities and new products, and technologies. As a result of the pandemic, unemployment is high, and the economy has taken a hit, entrepreneurship could help turn the economy around. By developing niche products or increasing competition, new firms can boost […]

25 March

Effective Business Strategy

Build an effective business strategy.

Business strategy is vital for any company seeking to grow its business in a strategic manner, but what exactly is a business strategy? A business strategy, in simple terms, is a set of actions, initiatives and policies which set out how an organisation intends to achieve its goals. But while simple to understand in theory, […]

01 March

EduGrowth offers Entrepreneurship opportunity to ATHE centres

ATHE recognised centre, EduGrowth is seeking delivery partners to deliver its Entrepreneurship programmes which leads to the ATHE Level 3 Award or Certificate in Entrepreneurship. EduGrowth was launched in 2020 by former ATHE colleague Joseph Jones with a focus on training and development in business start-up and coaching and mentoring both in the UK and […]

03 February

7 Things to bear in mind when becoming an entrepreneur.

1. Enjoy the challenge up your own business will be a challenge and that’s how it should be. If you don’t wake up each morning eager to face today’s adventure, then life will soon descend into a pit of tedium and instead of excitement you’ll spend your time wondering what to have for tea. 2. […]