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Programme Design and Development

What we do

EduGrowth’s programme development service can help your organisation to engage and develop learners by offering high quality learning experiences in a face to face, blended or online environment. We aim to provide learning resources, tailored to the particular needs of your students/learners, which both engage and inspire them to succeed.

We can

  • utilise our team’s expert knowledge, both in a wide range of subjects and in learning and assessment activities
  • develop new content, adapt our existing materials or build on your existing materials, providing a flexibility of choice
  • utilise a wide range of media including high quality videos, text, audio, quizzes help you capture data during programme delivery in order to improve efficacy and efficiency
  • work with a number of different virtual learning environments or host the programme on our own Virtual Learning Environment and embed it into your website

We realise that each organisation is different and that the availability of resources, subject matter knowledge and online learning expertise can vary. That’s why our services are flexible to your organisation’s particular requirements whilst also upholding high quality standards.

We work with a wide range of organisations including corporates, universities, colleges and training providers. Our team has developed a large range of programmes and qualifications from school up to postgraduate level for a wide range of clients.

We believe that

  • learning activities should be varied, engaging and stimulating for participants
  • programmes should be outcome driven with a clear purpose
  • content should be high quality, created and quality assured by subject and learning experts
  • learning experiences are the most successful when they are collaborative, both in the development of the programme and between learners and tutors
  • assessments should be practical, delivered through a a real world context where possible
  • data analytics should be used to review and improve programme performance, specifically tailoring content to your particular students’ requirements
    Our development team will design a course structure based on the aims of your course/programme. We will consult with you to ensure that the learning objectives are succinct and lead to the overall aims. During this stage we will also agree with you the most appropriate types of content to ensure effective learning and outcomes for you and your students. We will also create a detailed project plan, with SMART objectives, so you can monitor the progress of the project.
    Content Creation
    Using effective project management standards our team of subject and learning experts will develop the learning content. EduGrowth can develop entirely new content, build on what your organisation already has developed or adapt our own material which we have already created.
    Learning content can include text, video, audio, online tests, social tools, practical and initial assessments and more.
    Content Review and Implementation
    Throughout the process all content produced by EduGrowth will quality assured internally using an agreed set of standards. We will be reviewing the usability, design, factual correctness, and overall pedagogical approach. We will also take on feedback from you in order to make sure the programme meets the particular needs of you and your learners.
    Where required we will work with your delivery team to ensure they are prepared to deliver the programme and provide all the necessary technical knowledge should you wish to utilise our VLE.
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